Arts & Crafts Tours We're not your average tour company.

Unprecedented Access

Enjoy opportunities to be welcomed into private homes, gardens, and collections rarely open to the public.  Find yourself dining with your hosts and beautiful objects rarely seen up close.

Knowledageable Experts

Along with your Tour Leader, each tour has a wide range of experts – scholars, curators, historians, artists, and writers – who are your guides, lecturers, companions and dinner partners.

Personal Attention and Service

You’ll be catered to from the moment you arrive in Britain to the moment to get to the airport on your return flight – luxury transportation staying at lavish, country, manors, and delightful lunches.

Examine the Roots of the Movement Whether you have an interest in learning about the Arts and Crafts Movement or have a desire to see some of the most fascinating places, people, and artifacts of the era, join us on one or more of our upcoming tours and immerse yourself in history.

Upcoming Tours

Join Arts and Crafts Tours as we examine the roots of the movement traveling in small groups through of the United Kingdom, as well as Europe to see some of the most fascinating places, people, and artifacts of the era.

Over 25 years of tours

For more than two decades Arts & Crafts Tours has developed and offered visits to private homes and collections to examine objects that represent the acme of British design.

Take a look at our past tours of the Arts and Crafts Movement that led us to become the award-winning tour operator we are today.

The Women of the Arts and Crafts Movement

Women have been making great accomplishments since the dawn of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Victorian England. They learned how to paint gorgeous artwork, design embroidery, decorate pottery, create beautiful gardens and buildings, work with stained glass and sculpting, and so much more. Enjoy this special series as we acknowledge and celebrate the Women of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

The Artisanship

The Women and their work


  • An interesting and fun group

    “I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the dinners and their settings. They seemed so intimate and enjoyable – especially having the hosts involved. Such good company – really it was such an interesting and fun group and you added so much – am now reading my books for it – thanks so much.”

    Ruth Y, Connecticut
  • Pure delight!

    We did not think you could plan another tour as wonderful as the William Morris one last summer. But you did – our days in Scotland were pure delight. Many, many thanks.

    Jane and Mary D, Minnesota
  • Trips that are small and specialized

    One gets very spoiled being on trips that are small and specialized, thoughtfully designed and well organized and I can’t imagine traveling any other way!

    Joan M, Washington, DC

Our Blog

The vernacular English houses of Voysey and Baillie Scott were recalled in the Ferry house on Seattle’s Capitol Hill

British and Continental Design Reaches the Far West

During our research for The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest (Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 2007) Glenn Mason and I sought to discover some of the progressive British and Continental connections that inspired architects and designers in Washington ...
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See The Places You Love…Virtually

People all over the world are using their phones and webcams to meet and congregate virtually. We thought it would be so exciting to list places on the internet that are offering virtual tours to learn more about art and ...
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Inspiring words from Hugo Burge on the Arts & Crafts Textiles Celebration

I was blown away by the charm and beauty of the May Morris exhibition at the Willliam Morris Gallery in Walthamstow back in 2017/18, so when I heard there was a chance of it coming up to Edinburgh’s wonderful Dovecot ...
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A Look at the Works and Inspirations of Ernest Gimson

Ernest Gimson who died on 11 August 1919 was described by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner as ‘the greatest of the English artist-craftsmen’. He made significant contributions as an architect, a maker of plasterwork and turned chairs, and a designer of embroideries ...
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Hooray! Hooray! Raise A Glass Today!

As the London Times noted recently: ‘March 29, 2019 is etched in the minds of many. No, not as the date that was set for Britain to leave the EU, but the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Edwin ...
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Lest We Forget! Lest We Forget!

This is a year of centenaries and celebrations. Any of you lucky enough to be in London before 22nd April should head straight for Two Temple Place, that extraordinary Gothic mansion beside the Thames, just along from the Savoy Hotel ...
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A Fresh Look At The Works of Ernest Gimson

A new book titled Ernest Gimson: Arts and Crafts Designer and Architect written by Annette Carruthers, Mary Greensted and Barley Roscoe is being published by Yale University Press in October 2019. Ernest Gimson has been described as ‘the greatest of ...
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The Holiday Blog

The Arts and Crafts Movement was a deeply serious philosophical, practical and committed response to the industrialization of England, its ‘green and pleasant land’ in danger of being blackened by the ever burgeoning factories and the movement of the rural ...
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The Road from Arras to Bapaume

Fiona MacCarthy in William Morris: A Life for Our Time, describes Morris recalling nostalgically the poplar meadows and little villages of the Somme as well as the long straight roads of Picardy seemingly stretching into eternity: “Those long straight roads ...
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