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As we examine the work of the artists, designers and craft workers of the Arts and Crafts Movement, we find so much of their work was done for churches. We can begin with AW.N. Pugin who designed Catholic churches all over the country. We might continue with Giles Gilbert Scott in whose office G.E. Street trained and it was in Street’s office that William Morris and Philip Webb met which led to the extraordinary work of Morris and Company.

This tour will take us to many of their masterpieces as well as some marvelous small chapels and churches throughout the West Country. And in London we will see the glorious Holy Trinity Sloane Street designed by J.D. Sedding and the magnificent All Saints, Margaret Street by William Butterfield and St Mary Magdalene by G.E. Street.

We hope you’ll want to come along and glory with us in the magnificent and varied work of these exceptional works – which show the very soul of the Movement. For more information please contact us so you are sure to learn our plans as we plan this tour.

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